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Hey Im Elisha! I love 2 sing, dance, act, model,write, and take pics! I love playing sports but depends on wat it is if its volleyball, swimming, skateboarding, basketball, nd other stuff like dat i can do but if its baseball 4get it cnt do it lol! Ive tried baseball nd softball im just naturally bad! I live in a I guess small town in Connecticut. Im funny, honest, caring, responsible, respectful, I can be stubborn at times but who isnt!? I love school dances and im in student coucil.I also love hanging out with my friends at Memorial School cuz everything great happens there! My Favorite Color is Carribean Blue(such a pretty color)! Love going to the beach! I'll do anything just to swim! Ive been told i have an innocent smile but idk. hehehehe! My fav foods are something sweet, sour, nd especially SPICEY! Hahaha! Anyway I ABSOLUTLEY LUV MUSIC especially Rock nd Pop! Im smart, an enthusiastic girl, im realistic, gullible, luv being around friends and family, nice, and bossy lol! O yea im Filipino, Spaniard, and Cuban! :) I can speak English (of course), Filipino, and Spanish! I have like SOOOO many nicknames like Lish, Isha, Ish, Liz, Leesha, Eli, Lili,also Kyle made a new nickname durin social studies its Leeshy lol nd others that r way off my real name! XD So Yea Dats Me! :)
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